Covid-19 announcement:

Please register your details every time you use the bus Register your bus trip now

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Covid-19 bus updates

The key information about services is outlined below.

Remember to be kind. Together we can stop the spread of COVID-19.

Passenger trip register

We want to keep our community safe. It’s really important that each time you use the bus, your trip details and contact information are recorded. This is so we can provide this information to the Ministry of Health if it is required.

Every time you use the bus, you must either call us on 0800 002 004, or fill in the passenger trip register form here.

Tips to keep you safe:

  • Use the rear door to get on and off the bus
  • Avoid direct contact with the driver.
  • Keep a 2-metre distance from people at all times.
  • Sit in separate rows to other passengers.
  • Leave space between rows.
  • Stay home if you are sick.

COVID-19 Updates

The best place to find the latest information about the COVID-19 situation in New Zealand is on the Ministry of Health’s website and the Government’s main COVID-19 website.